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Attendance will be recorded at every practice.

There is an inherent unfairness in allowing players who miss practice to play while those attending practice sit on the bench. Players must build their additional activities around soccer during the soccer season. It is impossible to develop any type of effective team organization or play without the participation and commitment from each player. Unexcused absences from practices or games will not be tolerated.

Life is a series of choices all of which have consequences. If you make a choice between attending a practice or game vs. attending some other event or simply not coming to practice or games then you must be able to accept the consequences of your decision.

You must let a coach know in advance if you will have to miss a practice. Having said that, telling a coach in advance you will not be at a practice or game does not automatically count as an excused absence. The bottom line is that when a player misses practice it affects the entire team in a negative way. Pure and simple, miss practice for an unexcused reason and your role, as a member of the team, will be reduced. Those players who attend practice and have a positive attitude will be the ones representing our school against other schools.


Being on time is expected. Players are to be dressed and on the field for practice 10 minutes prior to the scheduled start of practice. Players who arrive late to practice should approach the coach with a reasonable explanation. It would be reasonable to assume that any players who arrive late should expect consequences such as running laps.


Abusive or foul language is a red card offense and ultimately reflects poorly on the entire team. When this occurs in a game it affects both the player and the team negatively. Foul language will not be tolerated. If any coach overhears language of this type at any time the entire team will run X number of laps and the responsible individual will run 2X laps. Repeated violations of this rule will result in a one game suspension.

Never taunt or react to opposing player's actions. Encourage, don't criticize, your teammates. Negative attitudes on the field are a sinkhole that drains all the positive energy from a team. Generating negative energy will not be tolerated.

Game Decorum

Uniforms are to be worn in the proper manner at all times. For home games, this means every player leaving the locker room is dressed the same and ready to play. For away games, every player is dressed the same and looking like a team 45 minutes before game time. No jewelry.

Never question a referee's decision, either by word or action. Forget it. Let it go. Move on. Play the game. Be part of a class act. Players unable to refrain from any form of dissent will be removed from the game.

Uniform and Player Equipment

Each player is to provide his own pair of firm ground soccer shoes. Soft ground shoes that are the property of the boy's soccer program are available and will be issued when the field conditions dictate during the season.

Players may wear their own shinguards if they are appropriately sized for high school level. Shinguards that are the property of the boy's soccer program are available to players needing them and are to be returned at the conclusion of the season.

Shinguards are to be worn at every practice without exceptions.

Players will be issued practice shorts and socks and those along with the issued t-shirts are to be worn at every practice without exception. When we are on the field we will look and dress like a team.


Conduct is a form of communication. Always conduct yourself in a positive manner. You are representing yourself, your family, your team and your school. This applies to the field, locker room, bench, bus trips and any location where you are part of this team. All the coaches agree that we are not babysitters and we will remove any player from the team who persists in conduct deemed inappropriate. Simply stated, if you expect to be treated like an adult, do not act like a child.  

If there is a problem, talk to a coach immediately. Many problems can be resolved through communication but nothing gets solved through complaining or poor attitudes.

Report any injuries to the coach immediately. The coach cannot obtain treatment for you if he does not know you are injured. If you are injured and cannot practice, you must see the athletic trainer and you must report this to a coach prior to practice. You must still come to practice unless you are told not to.

If an player has concerns about his role on the team, he should share those concerns with a coach.

The coaching staff reserves the right to place each player in the position or level of play that they feel will most benefit the team. Consequently, all conversations with parents will exclude discussions regarding:

– Their son's level of play or playing time

– Their son's position on the field

– Their capabilities of other players on the team

In cases where players are equal in talent and ability, but there is a difference in grade level, the younger player will probably be granted playing time over the upperclassman.

What are the coaches thinking?

You do not need to be a coach to understand that a player who invests quality time during the summer in preparing for the soccer season is going to be far ahead of those players who invest no or minimal time in preparation. That being said, what it all boils down to is that each player needs to decide for himself at what level he expects to compete and what he is willing to do in order to achieve that goal. The responsible, dedicated, and mature individual will, in almost all instances, prevail.

The coaches have been hired by the Board of Education to manage the team. Their goal is to provide a positive environment that enables players to achive the highest level of success. It is the coach's responsibility to direct the team towards that goal and to remove obstacles which impede the players from achieving that goal.

Playing time and level is determined by a combination of individual talen, commitment, and the needs of the team in a given situation. The coaching staff is prepared to offer each player numerous opportunities over the next couple months to improve his skills, fitness, knowledge of the game, and demonstrate at what level he will be able to contribute. Though it might be unusual for any player to be able to attend every session offered, that should be the goal.

Open fields, summer conditioning, attendance, attitude, and work ethic are just some of the factors that coaches use to evaluate skill level and performance and the decisions that the coaching staff makes are based on the quality of play that is observed during this time. A player can be moved up to a higher level if during the course of the season the player's level of play justifies such a move. Evaluations of players' abilities are made during these sessions. In all likelihood, the coaches have determined by the end of July which players will make up about 90% of the starters on the varsity team. If a player wants to increase his odds of playing on a consistent basis then he should make every effort to attend these summer training sessions. While attendance alone does not guarantee the result for which the player may be striving, lack of attendance would make the odds of playing at a high level that much more difficult.

Coaches generally take an "out of sight, out of mind" approach in rendering player evaluations. In other words, when you are not here, we are looking at someone else.

Players are assigned to a level of play at which, in the coach's evaluation, best enables that player to successfullly compete. The coaching staff encourages atheletes to improve themselves in all facets of the game. Each player is pushing himself, his teammates, and consequently, his team, to compete at the highest level.

We will have a successful season if we can find 11 players who are willing to work hard, give maximum effort 100% of the time, and support each other on and off the field. We will have an even better year if we can find an entire team willing to sacrifice their all in order to achieve a larger goal.