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Alliance Invitational Game Fields

Alliance High School Game Field

999 West 24th Street
Alliance, Ohio 44601

(this field is not at Alliance High School)
Grass game field 72 x 116 yards

Alliance Middle School Field

151 West Beech Street
Alliance, Ohio 44601

Grass field 70 x 120 yards

Marlington High School Field

10201 Moulin Ave., N.E.
Alliance, Ohio 44601

Grass game field 75 x 110 yards

St. Thomas Aquinas Field

2121 Reno Dr., N.E.
Louisville, Ohio 44641

Turf field 68 x 120 yards

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Alliance Invitational Game Procedures


Make sure your team is ready to take the field immediately at the conclusion of the previous game. Resolve any color conflicts long before the scheduled start time of your game.

Game Procedures

The horn will sound approximately two minutes before the clock starts.

Game worthy balls are to be provided by the participating teams.

Game clock will start on the hour whether or not both teams are ready to play.
The referee's whistle will start the match.

Games are 54 mintues long and the clock is continous during scores, injuries, or water breaks.

The horn will sound midway through the game during appropriate an appropriate stoppage of play for a water break.

The referee will whistle the restart for where the game was interrupted.

The horn will sound when 54 minutes have passed signaling the game's end.

Please exit the bench quickly at the conclusion of the game.

There is a trainer stationed at the Alliance Game Field.